Can you even learn like that!?

Can you even learn like that?

I was at the bank today doing business, chit-chatting with the teller, a young man. When I told him that I was an online piano teacher, he was really curious. He said he had some friends teaching TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language), but didn't realize that it could be done for learning other things.

Another teller was listening in on our conversation. (this happens a lot when I tell people I am an online piano teacher.)

"Can you even learn to play the piano like that?" she asked.

This is also a common question. I am always surprised when people, especially young people, have never heard of online music lessons. After all, they do everything else online these days.

So I ask, "What's your favorite musician or artist?"

Without hesitation, the young woman says, "Taylor Swift."

"Well, if she told you that she teaches online vocal lessons and would teach you, would you turn her down? - I'm sorry Taylor, I don't think I can learn from you unless we are in the same room."

"No, of course not. I would totally take online lessons from Taylor Swift."

I think I gave them something to think about. But also, it proves a point. Anyone will take online music lessons with the right person.

Sarah Beatrice Lyngra