T(ake) Piano Online Thursday!


Tech setups are hard enough for yourself, helping your students can be hard too. I created today's video to make it easier for you both.

TPO Thursday is about tech set-up for your students, so today the T stands for Take, rather than Teach.

Watch the video here.

I include 3 different set-ups, rookie mistakes, and what I have learned in teaching over 1,000 online lessons. Don't be too impressed with the number, by the way. You can do the math for yourself. 30 students, times 40 weeks is 1200 lessons. I like numbers :-)

In the video I mention that landscape is preferable to portrait orientation. However, if you can't figure out how to not have the video be sideways in landscape, go with portrait. (this occasionally happens to me).

Feel free to share the video with your students, or use it with new students as you are getting them up to speed.

Don't underestimate the power of a smart phone. I was completely opposed to them 4 years ago- who has a decent lesson on a screen that size!!! I thought to myself. Then my computer died mid-lesson, and it was all I had. It was a revelation. While I prefer using the laptop setup, I would never turn a student away if all he had was a smart phone.

I keep mine in the teaching space for quick video and pictures to enhance lessons, something I would not have done even a year ago.

Are there other things you wish your online students knew but you are tired of telling them? (I am already sketching out a video about organization around the piano for students, thank you Megan!) Email me and I will put it on the list.

Sometimes it is better if someone else says it.

Happy teaching!

Sarah Beatrice Lyngra