TPO Thursday!


This is the first of many short videos about online teaching I will be posting every Thursday. It is about how a cheap mini-tripod and smart phone are useful for online teaching.

What is really funny, (now, it wasn't yesterday when I was recording it) was that one of the reasons that having a smart phone around when you teach online is FAILURE.

The 3 main ways tech failures occur are:

  1. Internet failure- when your ISP is flaky and your internet cuts out.

  2. Computer failure- when your computer dies in the middle of a lesson

  3. Platform failure- when your chat program stops unexpectedly

As I was recording the video. Number 2 kept happening- right as I was saying "Computer Failure" It was totally maddening. I spent an hour on chatting -on my phone, needless to say, with Apple to figure out what was happening. What would normally have taken me less than half an hour to do from start to finish (this 6 minute video) literally took 5 hours.

These things happen. For those of you who use Apple products, the service plans are totally worth it.

Watch the video here.

I was so relieved at the end of finally recording the video and having it save, I didn't edit it to include the link to the mini-tripod I use. So here it is.

I also learned that it would probably be better not to wear a black shirt when showing a black tripod. Next time I will do better :-)

If you like what you saw, tune in next Thursday for TPO Thursdays. If you have questions or comments, email me or leave a comment on Facebook, and I will get back with you.

Happy Teaching!