Program Notes


I need your help. Couch to Concert Hall was designed to help people (students and musicians) learn their pieces more quickly and with fewer mistakes. 

That's why I created the practice sheet generators you can check out here for free.

We are adding a piece and student information form to the site. 
This is what we are planning to including on the form:

  • Name of performer/student

  • Name of piece

  • Name of composer

  • Period

  • Time Signature

  • Tempo

  • Key

  • Number of measures

  • Date started

  • Date I want to have it finished

  • Who will I play the piece for when I am done

  • Why I chose this piece

  • Program notes

The top items are more about record keeping for me. I think the items in orange are the most interesting for both the student and myself.

Are there things I missed on the list you would want to see on the form? Email me here

Happy Teaching,

Sarah Beatrice Lyngra