Reading stories out loud to an audience improves sight playing and note playing for musicians.


I am going to vision therapy these days (long story- I want to keep this email short). While this is to correct a quirky issue with my vision, it is a perfect opportunity to learn about vision in a way to improve my teaching. Each week I am learning really interesting things about our eyes.

In addition to correcting my vision, I am learning about how vision improvements can improve music reading. 

Reading stories aloud to an audience, while making eye contact and using inflection in your voice improves music reading ability.


  • you have to activate short term memory to look ahead in the story to be able to read out loud fluently

  • making eye contact with your audience improves focus flexibility (looking at the conductor and back in the music, for example)

  • reading with vocal inflection builds simultaneous interpretation

How do I use this?

  • Try it yourself. Read a few sentences of anything you have in front of you to an audience in the room. Consciously make eye contact. See how far ahead you can read without looking down. Can you read with inflection and not stop, slow down, or lose your place?

  • Have students read a couple of lines of text (music related) and have them pay attention to the same things. Observe.

Happy Teaching :-)

Sarah Beatrice Lyngra