Teach Piano Online Thursday


I am doing one last Facebook Live session Thursday, May 2 from 9:00 - 10:00 Pacific Standard Time. It was a good experience, but if I were going back to look at the videos, I would have to sit through a lot of stuff to get to the meat of things. 

Plus, the medium isn't useful for actually showing things. For example, did you know that Skype does subtitles? On the fly? 

Another example of what would be better to show rather than to tell is how I have been using my cheapie bendable mini-tripod to record a quick demo of pedaling. The iPhone was on a tripod 6 inches above my ankle. I  recorded a quick video and sent it to my student in the chat for Skype on my phone while I was still having a lesson. I didn't need to have a special setup or extra camera to show the pedaling.


So, what am I doing instead? I am going to post short videos every Thursday about different aspects of online teaching.

Different categories will include:

  • Tech set-ups (insider tip- use what you already have until you know you need more)

  • Platforms

  • Best practices for teaching

  • Programs that compliment online teaching (like Classroom Maestro and Sproutbeat)

  • Marketing

  • Instruments

  • Virtual recitals

  • Couch to Concert Hall

  • Step by step teaching

  • Video creation

I think that online teaching is a parallel path to in person teaching, and can compliment your current studio, or be a path into the future.

I will probably do the live sessions in the future but I feel that short videos on a specific topic will be more helpful.

If there are things you are curious about, or things that make you crazy and want to learn more, drop me a line here. I will work to include it in the future.

Happy teaching!