FaceBook Marketing and 1000 Piece Puzzles

Do you ever get completely overwhelmed with all the moving parts of your business and how to manage them all together?

Earlier this week I took an online FaceBook marketing course. I don't know if I should be overwhelmed or concerned and what I learned. It will be tremendously helpful for teachers to have a better understanding of how it all works, but I need to play around with it first.

I was looking at the various parts of what I am working on, business wise. It is like dumping a 1,000 piece puzzle out of the box, finding all of the corners, then noticing that there are 996 more pieces left (fun fact, not all 1,000 piece puzzles have exactly 1,000 pieces).

Why does this matter to you? The number one question I get about online teaching is, "How do I find online piano students?" FaceBook marketing will be another tool in the piano teacher's business toolbox.

One of the things I learned that you may want to think about: your FaceBook business page should be your name (rather than your business name). And, you should have a picture of yourself on it. If you have an online business presence one of the reasons people keep coming back to it is you. And, if you plan on advertising on FaceBook, which isn’t quite the same thing as “Boost Post” you need to have a business page, because you can’t buy ads as an individual.

Why did I write this post? I’m almost ready to release the whole Teach Piano Online course. I'm biased, but the content is really good, I love the worksheets and everything about it. The hold-up is technical issues with the website program. I am checking and double checking and still finding things which would irritate me if I were taking it.

I can’t launch the course and try any of the fun things I am learning about FaceBook marketing or anything else, until I can sort the tech issues. Sigh.

I have to remind myself what I tell my students all the time, “Don’t expect to get it for at least the first 4-7 attempts.” I must be at 3 or 4 at this point.

Anyone else struggling with something in their business which makes you want to pull out your hair, bang your head against the wall, or have a glass of wine (on a beach somewhere)?

Hopefully the next post will be a happy dance :-)

Sarah Beatrice Lyngra