The Practice Generation

Practice is such a hot button issue for music teachers everywhere, not just piano teachers. We all wish our students would do more.

So, I propose selling practice to students differently. What if students who practiced, yours, naturally, were part of something bigger? Instead of Generation X, what if they were part of Generation P?

What defines Generation P?

They follow:

  • 2 Set Violin

  • Yuja Wang

  • 2 Cellos

  • The Piano Guys

  • Lang Lang

  • Joshua Bell

  • Peter Bence

  • Anderson and Roe

  • Black Violin

  • Igudesman and Joo

They enjoy making progress, and love the process of improvement. They love certain pieces and will spend hours working to get it right (even if they are using non-traditional methods like the Synthesia app), They have a good sense of humor and are digital natives. Personally, I am a digital immigrant and some of the connectedness escapes me.

To encourage students to practice in different ways, try the practice generator at It is still in test mode, we are playing around with different things. Now you can change the size of the boxes. If you aren’t familiar with the practice generators, you fill out the form and enter the number of measures your piece has. The website will create a “bingo sheet” with all of the measures of your piece. Please play around with it. It’s free (at the moment).

If you have questions, send me an email at and I will be happy to go through it with you.