Ask Sarah- Can I play duets with online students?

The simple answer is no. If you want to know why, read on.

Latency is the reason.

According to

Latency with respect to Computers. the period of delay when one component of a hardware system is waiting for an action to be executed by another component.

Latency with Digital Technology. the time required online or in a network for the one-way or round-trip transfer of data between two nodes.

Digital Technology. (in virtual reality and other types of simulation) the discrepancy between the time delay of stimulus and response in the simulation as compared to the real-world equivalent.

In a perfect world, the distances are enough to cause delays with round trip transfers. However, the modern connected world isn’t perfect. Data gets broken up and separated into different bits and bytes and reassembled at the endpoints, video data, midi data, and audio data, get separated and travel at different speeds, often on different networks. It is actually pretty miraculous how it all works.

Counting out loud with students is also a fail. Teach your students to count for themselves instead.

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