Piano as a second language

Am I the only one who struggles with Instagram? I know that it is where younger people hang out, and will be where we get our students at some point in the future. I know, too, as a business, having a presence there and posting regular content is how one grows.

I’m struggling. However, there is a light glimmering at the end of the tunnel. I don’t quite get the hashtag thing either, but someone suggested following some of the ones that I post with. So, I am following a few #onlineteacher, #teachonline, #onlinepianoteacher ones to see what others are doing.

This is interesting because there are other online teachers besides piano ones. There are tons of people who teach languages online. And, some of their teaching video clips are priceless. And clever. And engaging. If I wasn’t already fluent in English, I would totally be following them. They use movie clips, with subtitles, and they explain the context of the dialog.

The last couple I watched were a dissection of a scene of James Bond with Pierce Brosnan, who was tied to a torture contraption as the princess told him how she was going to take over the world. The second one was about “out of” and how it is pronounced adda, as in “you’re out of here,” or “get out of here.” “You’re adda here.” Then there were video clips from several different movies. And the guy was totally right.

It got me wondering how can I be as engaging. Is there a way to make bite sized snippets of music education that are entertaining and captivating, and relevant?

Is there a way to teach piano as others teach a second language?