Who do you love teaching?

If you could only teach 5 more students for the rest of your life, who would they be? Adults? Children? Teens? Movie lovers? Jazz?

As the school year starts, and my schedule normalizes there are a few spaces I would like to fill. If I am going to advertise, I would rather have only the people I want to teach answer my ad.

Linda, my student in Florida and I were talking. She LOVES movie themes, and she gave me some great reasons why:

  • They are familiar to lots of people

  • They generally don’t get overplayed on the radio (with some exceptions)

  • She doesn’t get distracted by words when she is learning them

  • They tell stories

  • They bring back memories

  • They come in all levels

  • The music is really diverse because there are so many movies

We were laughing, because she used to teach online as well. Students who are interested in movie themes would be fun to teach. It was almost enough to get her out of retirement.

Which do you think would work better when looking for new students if you loved movie themes too?

Piano teacher looking for students.


Do you love movies? Have you ever wanted to learn to play movie themes on the piano but thought they were too difficult to play or didn’t know how to get started?

Who would you rather take lessons from?

When looking for new students, especially online, it is much easier if you know who you are looking for.

Who do YOU love to teach? Post in comments below. :-)