Bit Flip- Why your internet sometimes fails for no reason

I was dropping my son off at a friend’s house this weekend. We listen to a lot of NPR in the car, and the weekends are the best.

Have you ever been listening to something in the car, and you get to where you are going, but you don’t want to get out because you want to hear the end? This happens to me all the time. (Raiders of the Lost Ark conducted by John Williams coming home after picking my son up after a band gig) Recently it was NRP’s Radio Lab Episode: Bit Flip (You can listen to it here)

If you don’t have time, basically, it is about tiny particles that are continuously bombarding the earth which get into computers and flip switches in transistors. It can cause your internet to shut down for no reason- among other things. Who knew?!

The takeaway: Sometimes even the best and most sophisticated set-ups fail. But, often simply turning off your router and restarting will fix it.

Happy teaching,