It was just mounting a defense...

This morning I did what I normally do. Got up at 5 am, made coffee. That’s what one does at 5 am, right? I had it in my thermal carafe. It is red, has a handle, and a glass vacuum canister to keep my coffee warm while I teach those first few students.

I was carrying it into my studio my arm by my side, flask in hand, as I reached the piano I must have swung my arm back a little, because I felt a crack, heard a tinkle and a crash, when I looked down, there was coffee dripping on the floor. The bottom corner of the piano must have connected with the flask at just the right angle.

This was a double tragedy. My favorite coffee carafe (and only one) was destroyed, the glass vacuum shattered, and I hadn’t actually poured myself a cup.

My husband, when hearing about this, said, “You’re not supposed to have coffee anywhere near the piano, it was just mounting a defense…”

Anyone else have a piano who fights back?