Not all online teachers are created equal.

And that's OK.

Online teachers are as diverse as their students

I get asked a lot about online teaching. And, I speak with a lot of people who teach online lessons.

What I have learned and seen is that the things that matter most are:

  • Love of music

  • Love of teaching

  • Interest in teaching online

What doesn't seem to matter at all are race, gender, religious preference, political affiliation, age, hair color, height, weight, ice cream flavor preference, method book preference, language, country, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

It is interesting to me that the students who take online lessons are as diverse.

For every type of teacher, when looking at the world through the lens of the internet, there are students. It is this gorgeous diversity that attracted me to online teaching in the first place.

Who isn't suited for online teaching?

There are some people who aren't suited for online teaching. They are the ones who give up at the first sign of tech trouble, who don't have the patience to put up with the occasional hiccup in a connection. (Though, what I have found is that people will put up with a lot if they want it badly enough.)

Another group of teachers not suited to online are those who feel like they don't know enough about tech to make it work. Tech has evolved so much in the last 5 years, if you are reading this, you probably have all the tech you need to get started. As many who teach online will tell you, cellphones are horrible for online lessons until your computer stops working and your internet shuts down. Then, cellphones become a miracle.

As we continue to move into the future, online lessons are gaining traction. Not just because teachers are interested in online, but because that's where you will find your best students.

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Sarah Beatrice Lyngra