Practice Routine, Get Set!

Uncategorized Oct 10, 2020

Using a practice routine is a deliberate habit which you use to ensure that you will make progress every time you sit down at the piano. 

The one I have developed here is in 3 steps:

  1. Get Ready
  2. Get Set
  3. Go!

Once you are sitting at the piano with your music and a tracking sheet out you are on your way. 

Getting Set is all about deciding in advance of a practice session what you want to get out of it. 

There are 3 steps in the Getting Set phase. 

First, review your tracking sheets from previous sessions. You will figure out what you want to work on next by looking at what you have already done.

Second, choose what you will practice. Already know measures 1-36? Start on measure 37. Already know the first part of the piece? Start at the end.

Third, decide what your stopping point is. This is the minimum amount of work you need to be successful. Don't worry if it is only one measure, you can change it as you get into your practicing. When I am working I ask myself, "What does finished look like for me?" Finished may be choosing 10 measures and writing in the counting numbers. Or it could be playing measure 27 with correct fingering at 120 beats a minute 20 times effortlessly.

Of course practice is going to be different for everyone. Practice depends on your experience, the piece you are working on, the amount of time you have. However, defining what progress is at the beginning makes it more likely you will stay on track and finish the piece.


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