T(each) Piano Online: Teach Counting


Today's video was fun. It's all about teaching students how to count aloud and why it is so important when you teach online. A lot of it has to do with what you can't do: point in the music, write in the music for your students, and count aloud for them.

You can watch the video here you will learn 1.) why it's important to teach counting, 2.) how to do it, even if your students are resistant, and 3.) what the benefits are.

I think TPO Thursdays are going to alternate between videos for students T(ake) Piano Online and videos for teachers, T(each) Piano Online. I had some really insightful lessons this week with my students where I asked them the question, "What advice would you give to online students who are getting started?"

An 11 year old boy told me that the door should be closed in the room with the piano. "That way you don't disturb the family when you have a lesson, and they don't disturb you."

Are there aspects of online teaching you want to see a video about? Email me here and I will get it on the list.

Happy teaching.

Sarah Beatrice Lyngra