Setting up your space like a pro


Today's Take Piano Online video is about getting your space set-up for those first online piano lessons. I'm alternating between teaching and taking lessons because teachers and students need different information- sometimes.

Of course, there is cross over, namely having a piano in a quiet space in the house of a student is always a good thing, online lessons or not. For the actual lesson, in addition to traffic around the piano being a distraction, the sounds can be picked up and amplified by the microphone. It is hard to hear a student when all you get is the sound of the dog drinking water out of a bowl.

You can watch the "Set up your space like a pro" video here. These are things you would want your students to know when starting with online lessons. this is true if you are getting new students or if you are using Skype to teach on a snow day.

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Happy Teaching

Sarah Beatrice Lyngra