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4 note scales


Do you teach 4 note scales? They are often called tetrachords, but I am moving away from the term to make playing and understanding them easier for students.

This summer has been the summer of deconstructing how I teach. I want to make it easier for my students to learn what I am teaching, and I want to increase the efficiency of online teaching.

Once again, I'm  Chicken-and-egging-it to have students learn scales and key signatures. 

For teaching root position triads, it is helpful to have a student learn 5 note scales. 

However, for full octave scales and 7th chords, using the 4 note scales is more useful. And, teaching the 4 octave scales by going around the circle of 5ths backwards seems to be an effective way of reinforcing the relationships between the keys.

All of this seems really complicated in words, but the graphic library for the 4 note scales I'm working on makes it easy for a student to do in a lesson. 

Every online lesson I am now...

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