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Miracle or Monster?

Don't you love the picture?! I look like I am some sort of mad scientist who shrunk a group of musicians and put them in a box.  

Nikolai played in a concert at Toneheim Folkehøgskole earlier this week. Toneheim is a folk university in Norway, students often are in the Folkehøgskole system for a gap year while they decided what to do. 

Last year the school was closed in March, so Nikolai went back. I haven't seen him in person in over a year. He may or may not come home this summer. I only plan as far as coffee in the morning these days. They were very fortunate this year, their school is small enough and everyone lives on campus. They have been in one great big musical bubble. And, because of COVID, their concerts are live-streamed, recorded, and saved.

The first time I live-streamed a recital was around 10 years ago when I was still in Saudi. One of my good friends was in the United States undergoing chemotherapy. She couldn't make it to her...

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