Surprisingly Simple Ways to Teach 
Major 5 Note Scales and Root Position Chords to online piano students

Graphic library to use during online lessons when you teach chords and scales created for online teachers who want to up their game.

Give It To Me!

Here’s What’s You Get…

  • Bright clear graphics for all of the major 5 note scales
  • Progressive Circle of 5ths 
  • Clear root position chords

15 graphics each of the circle of 5ths, each chord, and every major 5 note scale- including the enharmonics! How many ways will you be able to use them in your lessons?

A Note from Sarah Lyngra...

“I've been teaching online for a long time and aIm don't know why I didn't create these a long time ago. Now with online screen sharing is so easy, clear teaching graphics (and shareable pdf files) make teaching scales and chords effortless” - Sarah Lyngra

Yes! I Want It!