Zombies at the Door a Step By Step Level 3 Piece

Zombies at the Door a Step By Step Level 3 Piece

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Imagine you are alone in a house and it is late, and dark outside. In the distance you see movement, and as time passes, the movement in the distance becomes closer.

You notice zombies take shape, coming to your house menacing, and start to panic. Racing around the house, you close windows and slam doors shut in a desperate attempt to stay safe.

This piece was written with a d minor menace and a liberal dash of diminished chords to evoke panic and terror in pianist and listener alike.

A perfect piece to play in lieu of a ghost story in a darkened room.

Step by Step music was created to help students learn pieces as quickly and and error free as possible. Fingering numbers and counting numbers are written for everything by design. Students learn one step at a time, get it 100% right and move to the next step. Steps are then combined. Inspiration for Step by Step music came from playing with Legos with my son when he was young.

They are ideal for learning on a tablet or other smart device.

They are perfect for:

  • Busy adults

  • Teenagers

  • Students with visual impairments

  • Students with learning difficulties

  • Students who love zombies

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